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We got bit by the Linux Bug pretty early after reading this line, "I don't know how any company is going to make money with Linux or what their Business Model will look like, But I know this. Its really hard to compete against Free"

Linux Support

If its Penguin Powered, we support it. In fact we've been supporting Linux for almost 20 years now.
We have migrated companies from Windows to Linux, In fact its another thing we helped write the book on. 

If your wondering why so many companies started using Linux we can tell you, in one word, Standards. Its based on
them and its also quickly becoming one. Its more powerful, cheaper and less headache but how can this benefit you?
Contact us and find out if your company could benefit by using Linux, you might already be using it and not even know it. 

Web Services and Standards

The only reason there is an Internet at all is because of Standards. The very same thing can be said for the Desktop PC.

Getting systems to talk with each other

Prior to the protocols that are used to get systems to talk with each other mainly TCP/IP, networking systems together was at best problematic, expensive and sometimes impossible.

TCP/IP changed that. Now as long as a computer can talk using TCP/IP you can interface it to any other system. Networking is the result of that and without TCP/IP there would not be an internet. Its a result of building based on Standards, everything about the internet that everyone takes from granted is purely a result of standards. All of the services that business's have come to rely upon; Email, Websites, VOIP,  Documents, File Storage. Most of these were created from RFC's or Request for Comments. The Internet as a whole is based on these RFC's and reading through them explains how something should work what it does and whats expected. Again its all about Standards. For every service, like email, there are RFC's that have been written, rewritten and grown by a community of participants that refine the standard. Improving upon the first version and over time the documents spell out much about whats under the hood, so to speak.

The Desktop

When examined some of this breaks down but when IBM made the Acorn computer in 1981 they did so using what we call COTS. Common Off The Shelf Components, they did this because if they hadnt it would have taken many times longer to get something out the door and they hoped to launch within the year. If they hadn't used COTS we wouldnt have seen the Computer Revolution that took place, because essentially this created the standard. It enabled anyone to be able to build a Computer. Microsoft was in the right place at the right time and Bill Gates worked a deal that today was a stroke of genius that gave them what all those systems would run which was DOS 1.0 also known as Qdos by those who know the backstory.

But again, standards enabled desktops, standards created the protocols for systems to talk with each other which created networks.  Then taken to the Nth degree those networks coupled with the other standards from RFC's created the Internet.

Understanding how things fit together is a core bit of business but its standards that make sure they can stay stuck and keep working and that at some level they can be guaranteed to work even way off in the future. Technology is not slowing down, not even close. So knowing that history might not seem valuable to you but understanding that and ensuring what your building into your systems today is also built upon standards can help ensure that they will be working for you and not against you either now or in the future.

Looking for better Computer Support for your company?

Every company has computers and with that of course they have computer problems. If your company doesn't have in house support but needs to have their issues resolved in a timely manner feel free to contact us. We can resolve your problems after they have happened or for those who want to be a little more proactive, we offer Managed Support Contracts available. Contact us to find out more info about these services.

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