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Do you have in-house IT Support, or is this something you just wish you had and you know you suffer because you don't.

Does your company have a solid top notch IT group

If you do awesome, what about your online systems from the server side. Your guys may be able to deal with all your windows servers and desktops but what happens if say your website goes down.

Then what? Managed services is important to everyone in todays business world but it is even more important that you pro-actively do something to make sure you can guarantee uptime and when all your services are managed services you can. Face it, if your site is going to go down, it will only happen at the most critical time, right? Nobody wants to have their site go down as your about to do a product release or right after having a major press release hit the wire and the traffic begins to spike. Is the positive impact it will have on propelling your organization to the next level something you want to gamble on, just hoping for the best ??

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